Monitor configurable site alerts

Ever wanted to get an alert from your favoite stock / sport / news site, but that site didnt have an API you can hook into?

Monitor is a chrome extension that checks the site's HTML for an element that holds your data, like: <div id="my-stock">17.69$</div>
and alerts you when its changed to a value you configured


download and install monitor's zip file   see how to manually install a chrome extension


open config.js inside the extension's folder.

config holds url: [array of its elements to monitor]. you can ddd several urls, but for now:
2.1 go to a site you wish to monitor, open chrome devtools > console
2.2 type: location.href then paste it as the url

each cell in the array relates to 1 html element. goto the site, open chrome dev console, find the element and fill:
3.1 title - a text to display in the alert, like "my stock"
3.2 condition - "<" , ">" , "="
3.3 value - if the element reaches that value, alert
3.4 jquery - the jquery selector to find it, like "#my-stock"

important: every time you change config.js,
goto chrome://extensions, refrsh monitor then refresh page and see: how to run


1. goto chrome://extensions and enable monitor
2. click the monitor icon in your top right corner , then click: turn on
3. navigate th any site you configured
4. monitor will search this site every 3 seconds and alert you on changes
5. to turn monitor off, click its icon , then click: turn off


Thanks for your time